Do You Remember the First Time You Colored Your Hair?

Alison Alhamed | October 18, 2012 | 8:11 AM

As hairdressers, you're innately creative, artistic people--and no doubt you experimented with different hair styles, cuts and color, especially as a young adult.

But do you remember the first time you colored your hair? Did you have your parents' permission in advance? If not, how mad was your mother when she first laid eyes on you? Or, was it your cosmetologist parent who actually was the one who colored your hair?

I'll never forget my first experience--I was 13 and it was with Sun In, and Dad was completely oblivious! Had he noticed, of course he would have said something. But, he didn't say a peep. So, I got the brilliant idea to use more of it, and more of it, and more of it. Within a few weeks, I  was an all-over brassy brunette. It was not a good look.

We asked MODERN's Facebook fans to remember... and here are their stories. If you'd like to share yours, tell us in the comments below, or HERE to join in on the conversation!


Do You Remember the First Time You Colored Your Hair?The first time you colored your hair, did you have permission from your parents?

Katerina Tsikoudakis I lied to my hair stylist that my parents said it was ok.... I came home with blonde highlights... My parents wanted to murder me! And now I am a hair stylist, and they really don't care what colors I do anymore. Finally. Took about 5 years.

Erica Prisby Sun in on dark brown hair= self taught lesson and fail

Lindsey Stevens My mother almost killed me because I dyed it copper red in 9th grade. She made me dye right over it : (

Kristin Davis I was in 7th grade and my mom did a home highlighting kit.... Yeah not good.

Jameson Thomas My mom was a hair stylist, best believe she did it first and then taught me how she did it.

Emily Rouse Mom let me get highlights and then the flood gates opened. Mohawks, pink, shaved, and glued back on...

Jenny Garcia LOL. NOOOO... She yelled at me and didn’t speak to me until the next day.

Bobbie Gallant-Schlitz Kool-aid does not come out of blonde hair... I was five. I was born to be a hair designer. Lots of trouble.

Serena Bendycki Well I had my Dad’s permission, but my mom was freakin! We went to the local grocery store to "enhance" my blonde. We got a box of bottle bleach. We enhanced my blonde alright and so my hair journey began.

Kelly Hirz LOL Im a natural level 3 and the summer after my Sophmore year I thought it would be a great idea to put "sun in" in my hair while laying in the sun. Well, I returned my Junior year a redhead! I grew up to be a hairdresser..I NOW know the proper way to become a blonde

Andrea Walker Absolutely not! They didn't mind...til they saw the bathroom.

Rebekah Hall Perry I cut bangs and used color before telling my mom... I was scared of the outcome. I guess I had some kind of talent then because she never got mad and now I do her hair every 3 weeks (so no grey ever shows)!

Valorie Hakola I was 11 or 12 and went to the salon with mom to have it done burgundy.....haven't seen my natural hair color since.(20 years)LOL

Aura Mae Punishment for my 14 year old Sun In disaster was having to let it grow out (no corrective color at the salon) and forbidden to color again until out of high school. My next color was graduation day.

Mallory Antone I did..but only after convincing my mom that Sun In wasn't going to change my hair colour, only add highlights lol then I went nuts with it and used Kool Aide to add color. Then Dad came home....hahaha. Those were the days.

Laura Holmes I went to California to visit relatives and they thought it would be funny to "scare" my parents by sending me home with jet black hair and a fake nose ring. I thought it was so cool how different I felt just by changing my hair color and have been a hair color maniac ever since! Mom and dad were less than amused, and I was forced to go to the salon and have them try to strip the black out lol

Diane McCaffrey Sesselberg haha nope and nope. bottle of (straight up drugstore type) peroxide over my head in bathroom sink. **cringe.** i was blonde anyway so it wasn't toooo bad.. got a little brassy after a bit!

Deborah Camacho Let me tell you all about it: I was 13 yrs old and wanting to experiment with my look and thought it would be fun to go lighter. I bought a bottle of sun-in (remember that stuff?) and completely WET my hair with it, though the instructions said to MIST the hair for gradual lightening in the sun...I didn't want gradual anything, lol. Anyway, it was wintertime and I heated my room with an electric heater (used to sleep right next to it, really)...I did this at night....can you imagine what happened?? I awoke with the top layer of my hair a bright yellow and the underneath layers were an orange reddish brown tone!! Needless to say, I got in lots of trouble! My mom immediately slapped black box color on that hot mess and that was that....LOL

Melissa Stanford I did a box bleach kit. It turned my dark hair flaming red-orange. My dad thought I had just been spending time out in the sun since it was summer in the desert, but my aunt noticed and she laughed and laughed at me!

Donna Tarnef Pitzorella i did get in trouble,i had a blonde /yellow streak put in my hair, and it looked awful, I had to have it colored the next day or don't come home.

Francie Beyering Skinner I am naturally a strawberry blonde, tried Sun-in that my father bought for me and tried adding bleach to my shampoo in Jr. high. In high school, my hairstylist wanted to try something new with my hair and she gave me blonde highlights for free. She is the reason I became a hairstylist. I never got in trouble for any of the color changes.

Lisa Moon Nope I dye it electric banana while they were sleeping my mom woke me up in the morning and freaked ! I was not allowed to go anywhere in public with them.

Kathy Davis Mundhenk No. Didn't get in trouble. Got a frosting tip highlight lit from the store. Did too much on one side, so went and bought another. I was chicken yellow, orange, and white all over the top and dark underneath. I looked like a smacked ass.

Deb Clark Ward ok ashamed to admit but no i didn't have permission so i used color the same as natural, duh! hahaha got away with it.

Yolanda Hernandez Parent did NOT know. I have dark brown hair, and thought my hair would be that BEAUTIFUL Dark Red shade on the box? NOOOOOOPE! My hair came out orange, and my older brother kept calling me Abe, for Abe Lincoln since I looked like a copper penny!

Miguel N Abi Vargas My mom took me to Mexico paid 15dollars for beautiful highlights ... and last year I gave my 3 and 2 year old girls a few streaks of blonde just to add their story ha!

Linda Taylor Bernal I started putting straight peroxide on my hair, till it turned nasty yellow. Then hit the drug store for a box color! Ended up going from bad to worse! Ended up at my Mom's hairstylist getting it fixed. And that was only the beginning!!! My attitude was don't ask permission if you think they might say no! Just do it!!

Kristin Bess 1997 in the basement bathroom with bleach and cherry kool aid. My mom flipped the first time but then realized hair was my passion so she let up.

Wendy Mank-Cannon My mom use to let me use her left over frost&tip. Then she started buying me my own. I was in 7th grade. I am so dating myself frost&tip.Now I'm in the beauty industry so it all worked out.

Hannah Britton dyed my hair blue when I was fifteen. I think I dyed most of the bathroom too and consequently was told that next time I was to dye my hair I was to do it in the garden.

Louanne Gingras Nixon My sister in law had just graduated beauty school, pulled my just past shoulder length hair through a cap. Half of it ended up in the sink. But that started me on a 30 plus year blonde streak. I have worn my hair dark brown level 4 for the last 6 years..... Long lesson learned.

Tammie Crenshaw Barksdale my son went into the shower "normal" 15 minutes later he comes out stop sign red. he jumps into the pool which then turns it PINK, so at our hometown festival everyone wants to know who did it. his answer, my mom. i had to pull him aside and threaten him lmbo

Jennifer Wentzheimer I colored my hair when I was 15. I did not have permission. Somehow I had a couple bucks and decided to get away from my mom in Walmart, sooo I bought a frost and cap kit, snuck it to the car and hid in my bathroom to do the dirty deed. About an hour later I came out with the entire front of my hair lightened to an awful yellow orange and no highlights in the back...I had pulled hair through every hole I could see. The results were terrible and embarrassing. Although my parents were mad they laughed at me and told me I better not think it was getting me out of school the next day! Can you say walk of shame?! But I haven't had my natural color since.

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