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Success Tips from Latinas: How to Make it Grande, Part 3

Carlos Valenzuela | November 26, 2012 | 9:07 AM

If how you do lascosas is not working out, would a new angle be better? Sí, according to successful Latina professionals, who urge us to challenge our perception of la vida we can really attain, by shutting off our automatic pilot. 

Success Tips from Latinas: How to Make it Grande, Part 3 Recently, asa pasajeroon a road I drive daily, I noticed a beautiful mural, “Is this new?” I naively asked. “It’s been there for years,” was the reply. Just one example, I thought, of how our lives, and careers, go on automatic. My next thought was very scary, Is going on automatic the beginning of looking and acting old-fashioned?  Ma, get the gun. No!
So, here is your wake up call, amigos:

Move out of your comfort zone. Fear, disguised as failure, embarrassment, anger, hurt and jealousy (just to name a few) keeps you in your comfort zona. You are afraid of failure and of what “otros” may say. Don’t get me wrong; I need to be reminded of this daily. Mix up your environment, try new things, take a zumba class. As a Latino, get involved and participate in mainstream happenings.


 Success Tips from Latinas: How to Make it Grande, Part 3Anita Gutierrez is a prime example of a Latina moving out of her comfort zone. She is a stylist, platform artist, and trainer for Clairol Professional; she stars in major shows, and launched Clairol in Asia and Brazil. Anita, shares her knowledge with many different nationalities and races. She feels Latinos have what it takes to make it Grande, “We Latinos have so much strength and artistic talent in us! Never settle for less! There is education out there to better ourselves, look for it, there is no excuse!” says, Anita, “In my seminars, if I touch just one person, I feel I have done my job.” She stresses that sharing her knowledge has made her stronger. And, amigos, if you have not seen color through Anita’s eyes, run don’t walk to her next seminar.

 Make It Happen. Are you getting the picture? The gravy tren, loaded with goodies and opportunities, stops no mas right at your front puerta. Not only do you need to buy a ticket, (attitude and training) you also need to get up and chase your success on an everyday basis(work every angle).

  Success Tips from Latinas: How to Make it Grande, Part 3Rosanna Serrano, a P&G as an Educator, Wella andClairol style team member, and Regional Educator of the P&G school program believes Latinos need to connect with companies and opportunities with a proven success track record, “The most important factor for getting to where I am today was the excellent training I received from the different companies I have worked for, such as Regis Corporation, and Procter and Gamble,plus the seminars that I have attended. Something that I always say Education is the key.” Rosanna believes, as a Latino, you must also be yourself and proud of who you are. If you speak to Rosanna for a couple minutes, you realize that she is a teacher with a heart who would spend endless hours making sure you understand a concept.

 Here is what these fabulosas Latina women profesionales are telling us:
Push past your fears by taking healthy risks. In your salon, think adapt and overcome: adapt to the salon culture and overcome any fears by walking right into them. Finally, be yourself. You can’t be someone else for very long. Remember, it may be crowded abajo, but if you hold on, there is lots of room arriba.
¡Arriba, Arriba!

Hasta luego,


Carlos Valenzuela, president of Carlos Valenzuela Resources, is a Latino marketing consultant, a licensed instructor, author, and motivational speaker.
Contact Carlos at

Twitter: @i_fabuloso



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