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Crimson Gold How-to: Fused Color

Maggie Mulhern | November 28, 2012 | 11:24 AM
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1. Take a quarter size of ColourPrime pre-color treatment and emulsify in hands. Apply to midlengths and ends, and then through to the scalp.
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2. Section as shown, creating a diagonal section from the crown to behind the ear.
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3. Begin color at the nape. To create a light-blonde copper mix 40 grams Chroma 8K plus 10 grams of G Gems with 10-volume developer. Apply along the lengths over the previously color-treated hair in ½-inch partings.
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4. Continuing at the nape, mix 8 grams Chroma 8NT plus 40 grams 8K with 10-volume developer and apply on base. Cover the section with foil.
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5. Move to the rounds of the head. Mix 40 grams Chroma 7K with 10-volume developer and apply to new growth.
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6. Draw the color through to the midlengths and ends.
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7. For the top section, blend equal parts Chroma 6R and 7R with 5 grams of R Gems and 10-volume developer. Apply at the base, and then draw through to the midlengths.
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8. Draw through to the ends.
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9. Process for 25 to 35 minutes, according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Apply ColourLock post-color treatment.
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For this session, Model Ashley had previous color from the midlengths to the ends. To achieve the highs and lows, Bossendorfer placed a Level-8 copper shade on the hair below the rounds, a Level 7 along the rounds and a Level 6 at the top. She uses the Aloxxi Gems as a color boost to increase dimension.


Crimson Golds from Aloxxi


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