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Michele Musgrove | December 3, 2012 | 2:52 PM

Because you are going to be so busy through the New Year, we at MODERN want to help you make some early resolutions. Here are suggestions, first shared in our special HOLIDAY issue sent earlier in this season.

• RESOLVE TO CELEBRATE YOURSELF. Appreciate all the gifts of beauty, creativity and caring you share with clients, family and friends this year.

• RESOLVE TO TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF. Pack a healthy lunch and snack. Take 5-minute breaks that allow you to clear your mind, breathe or do whatever you need to “reset.”

• RESOLVE TO MAKE MORE MONEY. This season is your best chance to grow your business, but you need to explore new opportunities, too, in 2013. Take advantage of all the resources at your disposal. Embrace new techniques, services, products and promotions.

• RESOLVE TO LOOK IN THE MIRROR and see past your client. See yourself and all the beauty you possess and represent.

• RESOLVE TO REMEMBER why you chose this honorable, creative, valuable career in the first place.

• RESOLVE TO SHARE YOUR PROFESSIONAL WISDOM. If you’ve ever hesitated to suggest a product or service to a long-time or first-time client, make the effort to change the habit. Your clients want your advice and recommendations.

• RESOLVE TO SUPPORT YOUR PEERS, especially those on the east coast affected by super-storm Sandy. Do what you can to participate in initiatives from your associations and manufacturer partners who are taking the lead to help. To make a tax-deductible donation now to the PBA/NCA Disaster Relief Fund, go to

• RESOLVE TO FIND THE JOY IN EVERY DAY. Even on the longest, most challenging days, find that one moment. That happy client. That personal satisfaction. That smile you created for a colleague. That moment you finally walk in the door at home. That holiday celebration YOU get to attend, looking your stunning, polished, professional beauty industry best, with the latest cut, color, nails and cosmetics. That moment you feel the beauty of the holidays in your heart, and realize how much beauty and joy you have created for others.

Wishing you joyful, prosperous holidays!

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