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Celebrities Losing Their Length

Jessica Galliart | December 17, 2012 | 8:04 AM

The trends continue to surprise and delight! Though one would traditionally associate shortening up and cutting off length with summertime, when clients are more apt to seek out a lighter and fresher look, celebrities have been in the salon chair quite a bit recently taking the big chop. From shorter fringe to parting with extensions, here are a few celebrities exploring new cuts and opting for a little less around the holidays this year.


Hilary Duff

Celebrities Losing Their Length

The new mama tweeted last week about the pleasant side effect of new motherhood: Strengthened strands! Hilary shared a photo of her still-lengthy hair with her extensions removed, adding: “No extensions...Feels Thank you prenatal vitamins!”

What kind of style could you recommend for your pregnant or new mama clients? Take a cue from these celebrities.


Sophia Bush

Celebrities Losing Their Length Celebrities Losing Their Length

Why not experiment with a new style over the holidays? The actress debuted her new, slightly rounded full fringe on the red carpet recently with a textured ‘do, then later with a high ponytail to let her bangin’ new feature take center stage.

Heard of “tilted fringe”? It’s a “visual exercise” and a new trend and take on fringe, says Redken’s Sam Villa.


Bonnie Wright

Celebrities Losing Their Length Celebrities Losing Their Length

Off with her hair! The “Harry Potter” star underwent a major makeover by chopping her nearly-waist length hair to her shoulders and opting for a darker, chestnut shade.

Get more makeover inspiration from MODERN’s Facebook fans with these six before-and-after color transformations.


Shia LeBeouf

Fans are “buzzing” about Shia’s new haircut! Previously rocking a long ‘do he would often style by slicking down with a side part--or by letting his natural curls fly--Shia stepped out recently with a clean slate and a clean scalp.

Still getting your feet wet with clippers and mens styles? Get tips and helpful hints from Surface founder, Wayne Grund.

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