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Jessica Alba STARS At the Golden Globes

Maggie Mulhern | January 14, 2013 | 9:56 AM

Jessica Alba STARS At the Golden GlobesJessica Alba was truly one of the stars of the Golden Globes last night. There has been more BUZZ about her than just about anyone else. From head to toe, she was perfect.

Celebrity Stylist Robert Ramos (using T3) channeled old world Hollywood glamour to create her sleek, soft, shiny asymmetrical waves. "I wanted her to look like a movie star," he told me this morning in a phone interview. "I was thinking Rita Hayworth and the historic movie idols."

Robert knows to rarely go in with a plan when working with Jessica. "She is very playful with her hair and can change on a whim. We had a 'discussion'.  I didn't want to pull it back because it would look to serious. Our goal was to make it effortless and youthful. The hair had to move. The key was creating off base, dropped waves using a curling iron. key is an off base. After cooling I did lots of brushing and styling with just a lightly back comb to allow the wave to set it in. was very old school lacing." It took Robert just 45 minutes from start to finish. Jessica then dashed off for her presentation. "I got there at 2 and she had to leave at 3:30. She does not stress about things like this."

Overall, Robert LOVED all the hair last night. "I loved J-Lo. Oh...there were so many great finishes. It really looked like everyone took the time to get their hair done properly. I like that!"

Robert offers his simple steps and offers and important tip: "It's important to let the hair cool completely while the curls are setting, and don't be afraid to really brush out the curls in order to form the perfect wave."

• Blowdry hair with T3 Featherweight Luxe 2i (using hands only, no brush)
• Curl hair in one inch sections with SinglePass Twirl curling iron, pin each curl and let cool
• Once hair is cool, release curls and brush them out to form waves. Backcomb slightly to keep hair in place.




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