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Hollywood Hairdressers, Get Creative for Oscar Night

Harold Leighton | January 14, 2013 | 12:04 PM

Earlier in the week, I watched ‘The Critics Choice Awards’ and last night, the Golden Globes, and was appalled by the hair standards of the female stars. It was as if the hairdressers had gone on strike and the stars had to do their own hair, all but a select few:  Hollywood Hairdressers, Get Creative for Oscar Night

--Anne Hathaway with her gamine haircut Hollywood Hairdressers, Get Creative for Oscar Night
--Jodi Foster with her classic Sassoon bob, looking fresh and not a hair out of place
--Taylor Swift, Helen Mirren, Jessica Chastain all looked really beautiful and modern. Hollywood Hairdressers, Get Creative for Oscar Night

 I am sure there will be many haircuts being booked in the following days with salons being busy doing what they do best--good quality hair, copying what the public see and want from watching TV.Hollywood Hairdressers, Get Creative for Oscar Night

In my day, whenever there was a film premier or the Oscar night was on, the good-looking hair caught on so quick that salons were bursting at the door! If it was a soft curl look that needed a perm, great color or a great looking highlight, the salons were busy.


Remember The Shag, The Farah, The Poodle, The Sassoon Bob?


Hollywood Hairdressers, Get Creative for Oscar Night Hollywood Hairdressers, Get Creative for Oscar NightHollywood Hairdressers, Get Creative for Oscar Night


 In my opinion, as each year goes by the hair gets worse. Only the men’s hair improves and their suits become smarter.

The women’s designer gowns get copied and are in the stores within days while the hair continues to hang. Color is the only product that multiplies in salons from top to toe and that’s at least a good sign. The Hollywood hairdressers should work on putting glamour back with false hair pieces,  side combs, slides instead of a Kirby grip with pretty hair bits and bobs that salons can sell to their clients.

I sincerely hope that by the time we get to The Oscars night in March, we will witness some beautiful looking hair that is not hanging down with tons of hair product, fewer pony tails and a little creative skill. Also, that we see some more individual looking haircuts the likes of Anne Hathaway, Jodie Foster, or Helen Mirren. With such super star names,  great looking young girls, great figures, wearing beautiful gowns with great makeup, what more can these  session hairdressers want?

Hollywood Hairdressers, Get Creative for Oscar Night

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