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Give It Away or Else

Carlos Valenzuela | January 18, 2013 | 12:52 PM

Walking to a downtown restaurante, I was handed a flyer for a haircut special. I hadn’t seen this for a while, and I thought about turning back and having my foto taken, but I was running tarde. As I rushed along I still thought how strategies like flyers, the window poster with the 2x1 special, tag you and your business as outdated. We, as an industry, have moved on.Give It Away or Else

 Everyone agrees that good marketing is a huge plus to your business, but what works and how? You see misguided online promotional efforts daily. If you are a small salon or an independent, here are tres simple pasos to begin streamlining your business focus:

Primero: Market your beauty business the correct way, the way that every grande earner is doing it: market it on the Internet. The problem with this is the assumption that you know how to do this, and most of us don’t. If you don’t know, your smartest move, before you do anything, is to go to a seminario, webinario, or hire a consultant specialized in the salon industry. Since social media is so very facil, everyone today is a social media expert. Nope, cuidado with free advice.

Segundo: My pet peeve: don’t be pushy with your online concepts, especially on personal/social platforms, because people click and run away, and the next time, they block you.Instead, brand yourself. What is that? You need to promote you. Move away from the illusion that clients buy into a haircut, they pass or buy into you. How do you promote you? Give yourself away by offering great GRATIS advice, trends, photos, and tips. And, if you don’t like writing, you are in luck because visuals work best anyway. A picture does say a thousand palabras, so start taking photos of your work and post to your business page today.

Tercero: Think like a business, this means reaching out to people you don’t know because if you keep targeting the wrong group of people, you are wasting your time. Your familia and amigos already know what you do and certainly they are your first promotional tier, but could you build a million dollar business if only your family and friends showed up?

Nah, my clientele is too small or not into that, you say. I say, give it a whirl for sixty days, aside from new clients and an improved business image; you will have revitalized yourself as an artist and person. Imagine that.

Carlos Valenzuela is a Latino marketing consultant, an educational consultant, author, of i-Fabulous Life Skills, and motivational speaker.
Contact Carlos at [email protected]

Twitter: @getcarlos01

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