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Celebrity Hair Crush: Chloe Moretz

Jessica Galliart | January 20, 2013 | 9:22 PM

Since she was just 7 years old, Chloe Moretz has wowed audiences on the big screen alongside big stars like Ryan Reynolds, Nicolas Cage and others in movies including The Amityville Horror, Hugo and Kick-Ass (remember that awesome purple wig?). Though she’s only 15 years old, Chloe has shown over the past year how far her interest in fashion and hair reaches.


Celebrity Hair Crush: Chloe Moretz

Just before jetting overseas for Paris Fashion Week, Chloe posted a photo on Instagram of her newly dyed tresses, opting for a slightly darker hue at the roots and throughout. The usually bright and blonde starlet got incredible feedback from fans--do you approve? Let’s take a look back at a few of Chloe’s standout styles from her recent time in the spotlight.



Celebrity Hair Crush: Chloe Moretz

January 2013

Chloe often rocks these chic waves at appearances, a look that celebrity stylist Ted Gibson has created for her many times and dubs “downtown effortless.” For a similar look he styled for Chloe at Comic-con, Gibson told Hollywood Life he used Ted Gibson Build It Blowdrying Agent over the entire head, added Ted Gibson Fix It Gel for volume and shine and blew dry with a flat brush for smoothing. To curl, Gibson used a medium-sized iron on 2-inch sections, leaving the ends out to create that “natural ‘downtown’ finish and texture.”



Celebrity Hair Crush: Chloe Moretz

May 2012

Extensions! Chloe’s length has hovered around the shoulder for much of the past year, but every now and then she’ll rock some extensions at an event. Here’s a standout example of ones of the lighter variety she has worn on the red carpet.



Celebrity Hair Crush: Chloe Moretz

April 2012

When it comes to hair accessories, Chloe tends to keep it simple (if anything at all). Headbands are her game, and Chloe seems to favor medium-sized darker headbands, worn farther back from the middle of the top of the head.



Celebrity Hair Crush: Chloe Moretz

February 2012

If pay attention to her fashion choices, Chloe has an eye for the super chic and isn’t afraid to take risks. Back in February, she applied that same eye to her hair with this pop of pink blended into the sides. It didn’t last long, though--do we sense a little teenage hair rebellion, here?


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