Wig Education Program for Stylists

Lauren Salapatek | January 21, 2013 | 1:24 PM

What's in a wig and how does a hair stylist help a client choose, cut, style and maintain it? Until now, working with wigs was a specialty, but thanks to a new educational website, WigEdu hair stylists will learn everything they need to know about recommending the appropriate wig, wig construction information, materials, sizing as well as a primer on the various conditions that cause hair loss.

“There is a void when it comes to learning about wigs,” explains Erica Luxembourg, founder and CEO of Wigedu. “And yet, when consumers are suddenly confronted with hair loss, there is no real way to learn about options. Hair stylists are frequently at a loss when it comes to recommending wig options for patients who have cancer, alopecia or trichotillomania. Helping the patient maintain that wig throughout the illness is also challenging.”

Wigedu provides information in simple video modules, geared for hair stylists, retailers, consumers and medical professionals. The details of wig construction, materials and styles, transport and traveling with wigs are demonstrated in tutorial videos. Special styling modules teach hair stylists how to work with all kinds of different wigs. Forums are also included, which provide the option for users to ask questions by wig-wise professionals.

“Wigedu aspires to become an industry standard for wig education,” explains Luxembourg. “The modules are affordable, available to the stylists on their own time. By adding wigs, wig care and maintenance to their repertoire, salons and stylists will increase revenues and profits.”

Certification and continuing education credits will be awarded to professionals in the hair styling industry and medical practitioners who take Wigedu online video courses. In addition, the Wigedu foundation will provide sponsored education to approved charity organizations that educate new wig users.

For more information on this website, visit Sign up and get 20 percent off all tutorials or products on the website. Just type in "modernsalon," for the code.

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