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Maggie Mulhern | January 29, 2013 | 9:39 AM
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AYDEN ALL ABOUT THE BANG :: “This whole collection is strong and young,” says Irvine Rusk. For this look, short, rounded bangs create great contrast to the loose layers throughout the interior. Alpha Blades were used to build movement, texture and whimsical pieces around the front. “I believe versions of this cut will be important throughout 2013.”
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BROOKE DROP DEAD RED :: This strong asymmetric bob shape was created by using Rusk Beta Blades and the “Beyond The Fringe” technique. “Asymmetry is a key to many of the Rusk fi nishes,” says Irvine Rusk. The focus of this cut is a beveled perimeter dropping to a longer dramatic front, while texture and dimension has been subtly placed in the longer strands.
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IRIS THE VELVET UNDERCUT :: “This is one look I believe will really take off,” says Irvine Rusk. “The short velvety undercut, created using Beta Blades, highlights longer, textured lengths through the top and front.” The crown strands are textured closer to the root for lift and detail.
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Hair design and creative direction: Irvine and Louise Rusk
Photography: Robert Lynden
Make-up: Gregg Brockington
Fashion styling: Michael Tucker

Strong silhouettes are destined to be professional and consumer favorites this year, if you ask the team behind Rusk’s latest Bespoke Collection.

Irvine and Louise Rusk, who served as Creative Consultants and Creative Directors for this Rusk 2013 photo shoot, (and their first time collaborating with the brand in a decade), created the images to serve as a guide and inspiration for the Rusk educational platform, designed to excite and provoke stylists around the world. The three finishes have been named after each model’s first name: Brooke, Iris, and Ayden.

“Louise and I spent a lot of time in Europe the last few years and have been very influenced by the looks of young females in the music industry,” says Irvine Rusk. “They make strong independent, statements with their hair. Here in the USA, look at Rihanna. She makes a statement with her clothes and hair.”

The key to creating the shapes in the Bespoke Collection is to design precise lines which are then broken up with texturizing scissors. “The silhouettes are all very strong, customized and Rusk.”

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