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How-To: Dramatic Cut

January 29, 2013 | 11:12 AM
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1. Begin with the cut. Remove the length. Direct the hair back to the nape. Place in a ponytail and cut below the elastic.
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2. Now go in to refi ne the cut. Bring down hair below the occipital. Cut against the skin in a slightly inverted V.
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3. Blend up to the round of the head without elevation, cutting to the guide.
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4. Once above the occipital, take one-inch vertical sections. Pull out from the head and cut to connect the new length and to leave long layers. Blend around the sides, directing back and cutting to the guide.
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5. Work up over the crown, raising the elevation.
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6. Bring the sides down to connect with the back. Finger angle should be forward to leave length toward the face.
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7. Direct all sections down from the top of the head and cut to the guide.
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8. Now direct all the lengths back to the crown and cut
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Model Tetiana was eager to lose length, a minimum of 11 inches, to donate a ponytail to Locks of Love. “This makeover gives us a chance to really celebrate the new Matrix ColorInsider Permanent Haircolor,” says Sandra Smith about the new line launching in March. “Although the cut itself will be dramatic,” says Brian Smith, “I want to give her a new shape that will give her movement, options and a flattering fringe. That, combined with the color, will make the finish that much more interesting and fashionable.”


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