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How-To: Sleek Caramel Color

Maggie Mulhern | January 29, 2013 | 11:13 AM
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1. For color, comb the hair as it is to be worn. Isolate a 1/8-inch section along the parting.
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2. Begin highlights from below the isolated section. Take a fi ne sub-section and weave out selected strands.
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3. Place in foil and apply ColorInsider equal parts of 7G (7.3) + 9G (9.3) with equal parts 30-volume (9%) ColorInsider Oil-In-Cream Developer.
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4. Turn the brush sideways to feather and apply within 1/8-inch of the foil lip to control product.
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5. Continue by placing foils diagonally along the face.
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6. Continue to place highlights in foils throughout the top and front in the same manner.
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7. Once foils are in place, apply base color: 3NW (3.03) + 3N (3.0) with equal parts 10-volume (3%) ColorInsider Oil-In-Cream Developer for a deep natural dark brown.
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8. When base is complete, mix 4WM (4.38) + 3WM (3.38) with equal parts 10-volume (3%) ColorInsider Oil-In- Cream Developer to create a warm, refl ective brown. Apply color through mid lengths and ends.
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9. Process at room temperature according to manufacturer’s instructions.
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“This makeover gives us a chance to really celebrate the new Matrix ColorInsider Permanent Haircolor,” says Sandra Smith about the new line launching in March. “Although the cut itself will be dramatic,” says Brian Smith, “I want to give her a new shape that will give her movement, options and a flattering fringe. That, combined with the color, will make the finish that much more interesting and fashionable.”


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