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How To Open a Barber Shop Right, Right Now

Ivan Zoot | February 1, 2013 | 12:10 PM

A friend of mine opened his new shop Crown Point, Indiana. My friend got right the top 5 important elements of opening a shop RIGHT NOW. All who aspire to open a shop should take a few notes and learn from his experiences. I am sure his business will grow and thrive and he will be a success.How To Open a Barber Shop Right, Right Now

My top 5 elements of successful shop opening right now, in this economy and under these present circumstances are:

1. Get experience. My friend is not new in the business. He has worked for a while, honed his craft and learned much. He has solid skills and a good base of business. he is going in as a experienced haircutter.  He has seen how to and how not to run a shop.  he has learned from both his and others mistakes.

2. Location, Location, Location. My friend has secured a small spot in a busy strip center anchored with a popular grocery store. He is on a major street with good traffic. He is in a central spot in the strip with plenty of parking and many cars moving in and out of the lot at all hours of the day and night.

3. Money Talks.  My friend is well funded. He has put up his onw money and has the backing of some supportive investors. He is not going in cash strapped, on a wing and a prayer. Prayer can not hurt, but real hard cash makes it happen.

4. Get help. My friend has tapped the brains of friends and associates every step of the planning, building and opening process. He called me for advice along the way. He called others as well. He might not follow all of my and others advice (I am not saying anyone should), but "we are smarter than me" and he understands this. Mistakes at this stage can be expensive and seriously undermine progress. Mentors and resources can limit expensive errors when you can least afford them.

5. Start Lean. My friend built the shop simply and inexpensively. He has second hand chairs. He has basic stations. He painted and reused a front desk that was left behind by the failed business that formerly occupied his space. The shop is clean, neat and functional. He can build it out as sales grow and profits acumulate. He is in it for the long haul. He is not here to make a splash today and be a ripple of a memory in six months.

The streets of America in the barber business are STILL paved in gold.  It is right there for you to reach out and help yourself to your share.  Have a plan and execute your plan.  There is no time like NOW to open a business for your business.  Do it right.  Do it right now.

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