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Is This Going To Be The Haircut of 2013?

Jessica Galliart | February 3, 2013 | 11:34 PM

When model-on-the-rise Karlie Kloss cut nearly 7 inches off of her natural, bohemian-styled hair late last year, few of us noticed. Shortly after the big chop, the Victoria’s Secret model appeared in the lingerie giant’s fashion show with her new length disguised by Angel-esque extensions. But as she made her way through red carpet appearances over the next month, the Internet buzzed with talk about her dramatic new cut, which The New York Times has already deemed the “haircut of the year” and which Vogue documented in its January issue as it happened, calling it the “haircut of the moment.”

Were these two pubs right? Is the “Karlie” going to be the most popular style of 2013? Since Karlie’s brush with shears, two other celebs have already followed in her steps with chic similar styles of their own. Check out the transformations below.



Is This Going To Be The Haircut of 2013?
Is This Going To Be The Haircut of 2013? Is This Going To Be The Haircut of 2013?

Stylist Garren Defazio created the dramatic new style for Karlie and told The New York Times the model’s previously lengthy, one-layer style was “plain, uniform, like a mannequin.” “I gave her a personality by cutting it,” he said.

Does Defazio think the “Karlie” cut will become an instant trend? He compared the cut to when Kate Moss cut her hair shorter and sparked a new hair trend and cited a sense of apathy he’s seen in the hair world with long, red carpet waves of the past year. “Like dead straight hair, wavy hair got old. Some of the other models are taking their hair above their shoulders and in the salon, women are taking their hair to collar bone and above. It’s a natural look,” he said.



Is This Going To Be The Haircut of 2013? Is This Going To Be The Haircut of 2013?

Though we’ve seen ashorter look on Nicole before, the “Fashion Star” judge has recently grown out her caramel locks and experimented with daring updos and styles on the red carpet. (Remember this one?) Her longtime stylist Andy LeCompte gave her the makeover treatment in late January, which he called a “fresh start” in a tweet, and the fresh bob (Nicole’s caption for the Instagram photo was “B.O.B.”) looks strikingly similar to Karlie’s recently chopped locks.



Is This Going To Be The Haircut of 2013?

Remember what happened the last time Vanessa cut her long locks? She hated it! Vanessa cut her hair into a close crop for a movie role in 2011 and didn’t hide her discomfort with it when asked by media. Missing her length, she has worn extensions since then, before sharing with her fans in September that her natural hair had finally grown long enough to wear without added extensions. In late January, she debuted her again-shorter--but not THAT short--shoulder-length bob with face-framing layers at an event and seems to love it.


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