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HOW-TO: One Girl, Four Sophisticated Looks

Lauren Salapatek | February 14, 2013 | 1:08 PM

Simply Sophisticated by Sherri Jessee features one model wearing four sophisticated and elegant options for a prom or party. Try any of these looks on your clients. Below there are how-tos for a Halo Braid, Sleek High Bun, Random Texture, and Fishbone Braid with a high ponytail.


STEP 1: Brush hair smoothly and braid the crown section.

STEP 2-3: Do a three strand French braid front section adding hair from each side.

STEP 4: Braid opposite side from front to nape.

STEP 5: You should now have three braided sections.

STEP 6: Make each braided section appear larger by loosening them.

STEP 7: Arrange and wrap the braids around the head.

STEP 8: Use mall hair pins to secure the ends.

STEP 9: Spray with dry shampoo for a soft, textured look.

HOW-TO: One Girl, Four Sophisticated Looks



STEP 1: Put hair into a ponytail.

STEP 2: Attach 2 bobby pins to an elastic.

STEP 3: Holding forward, secure the ponytail to the top of the head.

STEP 4: Pin on a hair pad.

STEP 5: Smooth pony over the hair pad.

STEP 6: Twist and secure with a few pins.

STEP 7: Continue twisting and pinning remaining hair.

STEP 8: Spray to smooth flyaways.

HOW-TO: One Girl, Four Sophisticated Looks



STEP 1: For shine and hold protection, spray with a heat protecting spray.

STEP 2: To create extra fullness and texture, randomly crimp sections of hair with a Sam Villa Textur Iron.

STEP 3: Brush hair out softly.

HOW-TO: One Girl, Four Sophisticated Looks



STEP 1: Smooth hair up into a high ponytail and secure tightly.

STEP 2: Separate the pony into two even sections.

STEP 3: Take a small section from the right and move it to the left side.

STEP 4: Take a small section form the left side and move it to the right side.

STEP 5: Continue this pattern until you reach the end.

STEP 6: Band off with a tiny clear elastic.

HOW-TO: One Girl, Four Sophisticated Looks

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