TEXTURE HOW-TO: Charlize Theron's Wavy Chignon

Lauren Salapatek | February 15, 2013 | 10:08 AM

TEXTURE HOW-TO: Charlize Theron's Wavy ChignonThe inspiration for 2013 consists of texture and asymmetry, as seen on Charlize Theron. According to GKhair artists, classic shapes that reflect healthy, shiny and well-maintained locks are what we will expect to see this year.

TEXTURE HOW-TO: Charlize Theron's Wavy Chignon1. Apply GKhair Leave-In Cream. Set hair with 1½-inch barrel iron. Then manipulate curls into desired wave pattern, gently pull hair away from face, place all hair into hand and gently twist once to keep hair loose.

2. Form hair using GKhair’s Light-Hold Hairspray. The spray allows you manipulate hair and set the style in place.

3. Take a small elastic band at the bottom of the hair while maintaining a soft twist in hand. Once elastic is secured, hold a few strands in the center of the banded hair and gently push the rest towards the scalp.

4. Place a few bobby pins in to secure the hair.

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