I recently was treated to a Keratin Complex Express Blowout service at Chicago’s Studio 110 Salon—and it was fantastic!

Before we got started, Stylist/Extension Specialist Brooke Ingram gave me all the details on the service and explained that the difference between a full Keratin Complex Smoothing Therapy treatment and the Express Blowout is that the blowout provides more temporary results, at an affordable rate. (Salon 110 charges $110 and up (depending on length) for the service.

The Express Blow Out  still falls under the smoothing service category, but there are a few points of difference:  

• Only 60-minutes to complete the service  

• Clients can shampoo hair 8 hours after getting the service (vs the 2-3 day waiting period as with some treatments) 

• Results last about 6 weeks (vs 4-6 months with a full treatment)

• More affordable than full treatment, because it's not as labor intensive

• Lunch-time service!

    Here’s how Brooke did the treatment:

    1. Shampoo hair twice with Keratin Complex’s clarifying shampoo. Don’t use conditioner. The clarifying shampoo leaves the cuticle open, allowing the smoothing product to penetrate the hair.
    2. Blow dry the hair straight, using a combination of finger styling and a paddle brush. Dry the hair to 80 percent.
    3. Begin with approximately 2 ounces of the Express Blow Out smoothing solution.
    4. Beginning at the nape, make a V-shape parting and paint it on the hair, saturating the strands.
    5. Work your way up the top of the head.
    6. Blow dry the solution into the hair, and, if desired, flatiron the hair when dry 100%.

    And, voila! That’s it. One hour later and my hair looked shiny, and healthy!