THE EVENT: Goldwell’s COLOR ZOOM CHALLENGE 2012, held in London at Excel Auditorium.

THE DETAILS: More than 2,000 salon professionals from 40 countries and 5 continents came to London to celebrate and root on the competitors of the 2012 challenge. There were a record number of entries this year: more than 2,800 international entries resulting in 460 semi-finalists, 75 national winners…all leading up to the three global winners.


Creative: Chief Lin (Taiwan)

Partner: Hagen Kruger (Germany)

New Talent: Eason Chen (Taiwan)

CONGRATS TO ALL: It was a big year for Taiwan with their artists taking home both the New Talent and Creative Categories. The United States placed in the finals in both the New Talent (Michael Max Gierl) and Partner (Daniel Rubin) Categories.

LAUNCHED: The Beautify Trend was launched for 2013. “It’s all about making the world a more worthwhile place to live through sheer optimism and positive thinking,” states the Global Color Zoom Creative Team. The looks are positive and personal and the “source of inspiration for unconventional styles that are bursting with color.” The finishes fuse powerful shades in unconventional combinations and cuts. The fresh and exciting looks are achieved through the “Creative Human Touch.”

THE LAST WORD: “Color Zoom is not a celebration of Goldwell. It is Goldwell’s celebration of you,” says Cory Couts, Global President of Kao Group, Salon. “This is not a product company event…it’s a reunion!” And, next year, that reunion will take place in Los Angeles, California.