Blaze, Grace, Celeste, Roxy: Wella Trend Vision's Leading Ladies

By Alison Alhamed | 04/23/2012 4:59:00 PM


Each year, Wella Professionals challenges hairdressers to interpret one of the four “trends” released during the previous year’s International Trend Vision Awards. This year, Blaze, Grace, Celeste and Roxy will be interpreted by competitors throughout the country. The North American winners will be announced in July at the North American Trend Vision Awards, and the winner will get to represent North America during the International Trend Vision Awards in Madrid, Spain!

To get a better understanding of the trends, and to help you learn how to compete, I attended The Trend Vision Experience, a seminar held at P&G Salon Professional’s The Studio in Woodland Hills, California, where I got up close and personal with Blaze, Grace, Celeste and Roxy. Seminar leader and educator Victoria Thurman Hall and Rochelle Evans carefully dissected each look—what her personality is, her fashion and accessories, her cosmetic palette and, of course, her hair. So, who are these leading ladies begging to be interpreted? Let's take a look.

click image to zoom Blaze: The Femme Fatale
Blaze is the ultimate female personality—in the leading images, her carefully crafted coif has taken on a persona outside of the realm of hair. Lending itself to a modern interpretation of fingerwaves, each strand is delicately placed to resemble, what Josh Woods and Eugene Souleiman (the artists who created the looks, alongside the Wella Creative Team) call, “a ‘30s felt cloche hat or ‘20s burlesque.”
“Blaze is confident, Blaze is strong. Blaze isn’t afraid to speak up in a group,” says educator Victoria Thurman Hall, “but, this femme fatale does it with a wink.”


•    Confident and proud
•    Hint of South American exoticism
•    Fiery temperament
Fashion & Accessories
•    Rich, hot pinks
•    Lace motifs
•    Intense darks
•    Petal powder skin
•    Blushed pink lips
•    High-flushed cheeks
•    Precision grooming
•    Darker shades
•    Aubergine accents



click image to zoom Grace: The Modern Muse
One look at Grace and it’s clear she has a taste for luxury. She has an expensive, most incredible lifestyle—and her hair, all the way down the lengths to the very ends, is full of shine. Grace pampers herself and is always well-coifed. “She’s the girl next door—but amped up a bit,” says Thurman Hall.


•    Status vs. durability
•    Sober luxury
•    Driven by desire for quality
Fashion & Accessories
•    Extremely noble
•    Pure silhouettes
•    Elaborate folding
•    Cool and composed
•    Semi-matte neutral lips
•    Khaki nails

•    Muted tones and root shadowing
•    Simple yet luxurious
•    Rounded shapes



click image to zoom Celeste: The Visionary
Celeste introduces an element of “otherworldly beauty” to the trends. Her pastel/metallic coloring coincides with the colors of the future. “This is about clarity and graphic shape,” says Souleiman. “It’s about flow and light playing on form.” “Celeste is almost robotic in her nature,” says Thurman Hall. “She’s an apocalyptic Starwars meet Water World.”


•    Futuristic mindset
•    Opposite of vintage
•    Reflective colors
Fashion & Accessories
•    NASA Couture
•    Rose gold
•    4D materials (feathers, sequins, metallics)


•    Alabaster skin
•    Shimmering metallics
•    Champagne nails


•    Sleek and elegant
•    Pale lilac and lavender
•    Water color


click image to zoom Roxy: The Scene Stealer
Roxy is full of personality—a modern-day Studio 54 goer, her shape and texture demands attention. “Roxy celebrates tradition in a modern way,” says Thurman Hall. This is the trend that shifts to a cool red rather than a warm red, with bursts of violet. Roxy is bold with lots of width, texture and she’s “wickedly sexy,” says Souleiman.


•    Reinvention of the late ‘70s
•    Sharp tailored suits
•    Post-modern feminist
Fashion & Accessories
•    Retro chic
•    Patterned prints
•    Classic reinvented—think Maxi dresses
•    Pale velvet finish
•    Bold purple lips
•    Groomed brows and lashes
•    Dark faded purple
•    Apricot accents
•    Middle parting


SO, WANT TO ENTER TREND VISION? The deadline for entries is June 30th. Click here for the details!

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ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Alison Alhamed

Alison Alhamed, Editor in Chief of Modern Salon Magazine | Editor of First Chair

Since July 2008, Alison has worked across all brands under the MODERN SALON Media umbrella, including MODERN SALON, SALON TODAY, FIRST CHAIR and MODERN SALON TV. Alison’s passion for the beauty industry grew even deeper after she enrolled in beauty school, working as an editor by day and a student by night. Alison earned her cosmetology degree from Pivot Point International in Bloomingdale, Illinois, in May 2011.

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