Shears, combs, bobby pins, dryers and irons--when it comes to showing off your industry pride, cosmetologists sure know how to do it: IN INK!

I have met so many hairdressers, including many of my friends from beauty school, who are inked up with their own tribute to the salon industry, and many are looking for inspiration for their next!

So I asked MODERN's Facebook fans (nearly 100,000 of you!) to post your salon-inspired tattoos to our wall-- and hundreds of you started uploading right away. We love it! It is SO cool to see the artistic work posted each day.

Here, we showcase some of the tats that got lots of "LIKES" and "SHARES." If you have industry ink you'd like to show off, post it on MODERN's Facebook wall, and we'll add you to the album!

[EDITOR'S NOTE: A HUGE thank you to our Facebook fans for allowing us to share your tattoos. We're more thank happy to add your name to your specific image, just send an email to [email protected] with the image number and we'll add it!]