Manscaping: Tips and Tricks

By Alison Alhamed | 01/11/2010 3:00:00 AM


Comfort is key in providing optimal service for your client. Satin Smooth's Titanium Blue Thin Film Hard Wax, geared toward men, contains Azulene, a calming oil and zinc oxide which helps to prevent breakouts. This wax, along with Satin Smooth’s Tea Tree with Eucalyptus Wax, is a great solution for Satin Smooth’s newest niche service, The Boyzilian.

According to Satin Smooth, one of the fastest growing segments of the spa industry is the male client, who makes up 29 percent of last year’s business (not to mention that one of the fastest movements in beauty care has become hair removal). Back in the late '80s, men were experimenting with eyebrow waxing, and in the '90s athletes and models expanded into body waxing—getting hair removed from their legs, chest, back, arms and fingers; anywhere their skin was exposed in a swimsuit. Realizing the benefits of waxing, the trends have evolved into a ‘baring it all’ service, The Boyzilian, Satin Smooth says.

“The Boyzilian is the male version of the Brazilian Bikini Waxing service, but provided for men who want to feel clean and confident all the time,” says Susanna DiSotto, Director of Satin Smooth, a manufacturer of professional wax products.

Male waxing has a huge business growth potential and there is a lot of revenue still untapped. Plus, Satin Smooth says, men are tremendously loyal to their service technicians and vary rarely leave them.

Here, DiSotto provides a few tips for estheticians:

     • Education is Key: Wax technicians need to update their education/technique every year, or at minimum, every 24 months. Service providers should  receive specific training to provide Brazilian/Boyzilian waxing. Boyzilian wax service is performed on very sensitive areas, and this needs to be fully understood.

     • Cleanliness is Friendliness: Nothing is more comforting to a client than walking into a tidy and neat treatment room. Keep modesty top priority; drape clients as you’re working on areas to keep the client comfortable and minimize exposure.

     • The Rules: The same rules apply as with a Brazilian Wax service. Make sure to have an up-to-date client record card. Don’t wax if the client does not have sufficient hair to wax (3 to 4 weeks growth). Cleanse skin prior to waxing. Always use gloves. No double dipping in wax.

     • Does the client have to take everything off? No. Some men prefer a totally clean look, and others may simply like to have a clean-up and shaping. More often than not, men just want to clean the hair off the shaft and remove hair from the scrotum and rear. For others, all they prefer is some trimming of the hair above the pubic bone. Remember: It’s all negotiable, so a thorough consultation should eliminate any surprises.





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