It’s the end of the year and we all start thinking about resolutions and change, Change is good, right? But all of you have clients who stick to the same look year after New Year. For them, change is intimidating.  International styling leader Sam Villa runs into the same challenges with clients and would like to share some of his tips for helping the reluctant client ease on down the road to a style change.

Sam Says;

Develop Trust- Clients have to trust their stylists before they welcome change. The trick to earning trust is being a good listener and balancing the goals of your client with your vision. Exceed your client’s expectations on a regular basis and you will gain their trust.

Get Visual – Most people aren’t as visual as stylist, so when speaking about change, Clients can’t always grasp the concept. When offering new options, train them to see themselves differently. Physically move their hair to give them a better idea of the proposed new look. If you’re suggesting shorter hair, pin up the back…a perm, curl hair to introduce volume.

Take It Slow- Don’t worry so much about current trends. Offer changes that compliment your client’s personal assets by either accentuating them or camouflaging them.  Offer a side part to balance uneven eyes, or blunt fringe to highlight bold eyes and cheekbones. Take it slow. It may take numerous appointments to achieve the final goal and new look.

“Involve your clients in change—the more involved they feel, the more apt they are to take the plunge," says Sam.

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Sam Villa has some proven pointers for helping clients make that New Year style change.