Christina Aguilera’s Style Evolution!
Did you watch “The Voice”? We loved watching the soon-to-be-superstar contestants, but mostly we loved the four celebrity coaches. Not only are they mega-talented, but they’re mega-stylish too. And the most eye-catching of all? Christina Aguilera, of course!

The high-wattage singer has always commanded the spotlight, but we think her trademark look—platinum blonde hair and bold makeup—has evolved into a more grownup look (for some of her memorable past looks, view all the photos below). But clients looking to achieve a similar platinum blonde color might not know what it involves.

Coco, celebrity colorist and director of color/texture at Trio Salon in Chicago, offers advice to colorists whose clients want to achieve a similar color. For one thing, “It’s almost impossible to create a clean blonde with hair that long,” she explains. “We wouldn’t recommend hair that long when we bleach and tone to a platinum. It’s rare that hair can look healthy and be that long.”

The most realistic way to achieve that color and length is with extensions, and lightening the top of the hair to match. However, “I’d usually recommend a shorter and edgier look with this color,” says Coco. This way, she adds, you can be sure hair maintains its integrity, which is the most important thing. She recommends Wella Blondor for on the scalp bleach.

To view Christina's style evolution, check out the looks we're rounded up below. Whether you give 'em a thumbs up or a thumbs down, you can see Christina has always maintained a strong individualistic look.

What do you think of Christina’s looks? Are you liking her current look the most, or is there a style from her past that you wish she’d bring back? Tell us below!

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