So what does it take for a product to be chosen for Discover Beauty at Cosmoprof North America 2010?
According to a previous interview I had with Daniela Ciocan, director of marketing for Cosmoprof,
there are specific things both she and her team look for in new brands. She said:

“I get a group of individuals together and we look at the concept of the brand, why it’s unique: Does
it have a special ingredient? New technology? We look at the packaging: Is it eye catching? Done
properly? Finally we look at the quality of each product and the readiness of the brand. Can the brand
support a retail launch?”

All of these factors came into play when the Discover Beauty team unearthed the new Discover Beauty
products that have been on display this past Sunday and Monday at Cosmoprof. In a previous blog,
(click here to see the blog) I included a line-up of the hidden gems the team chose from across the globe
…now I can actually tell you what they are like! I got to try out FOUR of the EXCLUSIVE Discover
Beauty lines! See how they work and why they are considered, beauty’s new “hidden gems.”

An EXCLUSIVE Discover Beauty Product Review 
 A selection of the Discover Beauty products showcasing this year at Cosmoprof North America 2010

Amazon Beauty—RAHUA Hair Care USA

—(If you still want to stop by, they are at Booth #A20334)
Just to refresh all of you, this line is a transformative hair treatment collection that combines an exclusive
extract found in the Amazon with organic and 100 percent natural/vegan ingredients. The collection
includes a shampoo, conditioner, finishing treatment and elixir.

 An EXCLUSIVE Discover Beauty Product Review
So what is the secret ingredient? It’s right in its name! The rare rahua nut rejuvenates lifeless, damaged hair
while being gentle enough on color-treated and processed hair. (It also
contains Palo Santo Oil) which penetrates deep into the hair’s cortex
to repair and rebuild hair strands.

I tried both the shampoo and
conditioner combination and they worked beautifully together. The
scents of both products are subtly earthy and smell “rainforest grown.”
After blow drying, my hair felt less weighed down, bouncy and shiny. The
conditioner you want to leave in for three minutes to get a fully
conditioned result. These are great products for environmentally/vegan
conscious individuals who are looking not only for the right
ingredients in their shampoos and conditioners, but also for results.
(Left to right) Amazon Beauty's Rahua Shampoo and Conditioner

Barista Bath and Body—USA—Booth #A19320

This is the first product line to extend the delights of coffee beyond your morning cup of Java. If you
like the smell of coffee, this is the line for you! But don’t worry, it’s not an overpowering coffee smell;
it’s very subtle when you actually use it on your body or in your hair. When I used this line I instantly
thought that if this were a product offered in a salon, this would be great to use on early appointment
customers! It will awaken their senses while delivering brighter, shinier hair with body and fullness.

An EXCLUSIVE Discover Beauty Product Review  Barista Shampoo: Made with organic coffee (like all of the other
products in this line) this shampoo removes impurities and build-up. The
coffee bean when applied to the scalp invigorates the scalp to help
support natural hair growth. The shampoo itself smells like a freshly
brewed cup of coffee (with a hint of sugar). But when washing with it,
it will only leave a hint of coffee smell in the hair. While walking
around during the morning hours, I felt like I just came out of a
coffeehouse, without drinking any coffee!

(Left to right) Barista 'Triple Shot' Body Wash, 'Perk It Up' Shampoo, 'Soothe Those Jitters' Conditioner, 'Room for Cream' Lotion

Barista "Soothe Those Jitters" Conditioner:

This conditioner has just the slightest hint of coffee scent—definitely
not as strong as the shampoo. It moisturizes very nicely with its blend
of organic ingredients including aloe, lavender, chamomile and coffee
extract. To best use the conditioner, massage it towards
the scalp and let it sit in the hair for a few minutes. The conditioner
provides optimal pH to close the hair cuticle and seal in moisture—and
it won’t weigh hair down.

Barista "Triple Shot" Body Wash:

This is a hydrating combination of organic coffee and vitamin E, which
energizes as it exfoliates. The coffee smell like the other products is
very subtle but it leaves skin soft and smooth afterward.

Barista "Room for Cream" Lotion:
To top off an all-about-coffee cleansing routine, slather on some of this lotion, which has a very unique combination of smells. It’s a combination of shea, cocoa and mango enriched with vitamin E to nourish the skin. Very soothing, and it compliments the coffee shampoo, conditioner, and body wash nicely. The lotion comes out very thick and creamy so it will leave your skin moisturized, but not oily.

An EXCLUSIVE Discover Beauty Product Review  Peter Lamas—USA—Booth #A20308
Created by Peter Lamas, these products are natural, organic and free of
harmful chemicals
. I got to specifically use Peter Lamas’
shampoo, conditioner (which is actually what I’m wearing in my hear
today) and moisturizer; they all smell divine! This line of products
combines Certified Organic botanicals, herbs and vitamins to heal, not

The shampoo, which I would say was my favorite product out
of the entire line, worked very efficiently. I used only about a quarter
size of the shampoo, put it in my hair and I could completely lather my
entire head. Usually, I feel like I need to reapply shampoo because I
have such long hair, but a little bit does go a long way with this
 (Left to right) Peter Lamas Chinese Herbs Regenerating Scalp Serum, Ultra
Smoothing Shampoo, Ultra Smoothing Conditioner, Sample Moisturizer


Here are some features and benefits of the shampoo and conditioner:

Rich in protein and vitamins A and E; this helps moisturize the
hair and scalp.
Lauroyl-L-Arginine: Improves smoothness, helps
provide a moisturized feel and control of dry, damaged hair.
Infuses moisture directly into the cuticle, providing shine
and elasticity
Biosaccharide Gum, Proteins, Amino Acids and
Panthenol (vitamin B):
These help fortify the hair cuticle,
preventing future damage and frizz.

  TouchBack—USA—Booth #A19312
It’s real hair color…in a marker! If your clients want an instant touch-up
without going in for another coloring, this product will help hair look

All you do is apply the TouchBack marker to dry hair. For
resistant gray hair, hold the marker on the hair for a few seconds to
deposit additional hair color. Mousse, gels and other styling products
can be used prior to applying TouchBack and hair spray can be used over
it. It includes a special comb for use at the temples and hairline. Slide
the comb under the hair, as close to the scalp as possible, then apply
TouchBack and shampoo out. This product does not flake or rub off
because it bonds to the hair.
 TouchBack Marker (top), TouchBack Eyebrow Markers in Dark Brown, Light Brown, Auburn and Blonde, TouchBack Comb (bottom)

TouchBack also has eyebrow hair colors too! They come in all different shades like dark brown, medium brown, auburn and blonde. So now your clients’ graying eyebrows can match their hair color!

If you are at Cosmoprof this year be sure to stop by these booths and check out these products! Also, be sure to stay updated on the rest of the Cosmoprof show by reading MODERN's exclusive blogs, given to you LIVE from the show floor by our editors!

For more information on Discover Beauty 2010 visit Discover Beauty's website.