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By Lauren Salapatek | 08/26/2010 8:12:25 AM


I love this cut and color! For your clients that are looking for a trendy, vibrant look, try suggesting something like this—Pravana Naturecutical’s fall trend: Color Convertibles. The great thing about the color is that it’s fun but it can also appear more conservative than other colors. This is a shorter cut where the focal point of the color is around the face.

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How To Do the Cut:

\Begin the hair cut in the back by establishing the length.Take a ½” vertical parting in the middle of the back section. Pull the hair directly out 2-3 inches at a 90° angle from the head. This will be your traveling guideline for the back sections and the side sections.
Side sections are a continuation from the back section guideline. Direct the hair that falls in front of the ear to the previous guideline that falls in the middle of the ear. This allows you to have a longer fringe in front of the ear. Adjust according to your final look.Take your back guideline and direct it at 90° out from the crown to use as your top guideline. The top guideline should follow the round of the head at a 90° angle.
At the crown, take a ½” horizontal section from the crown to the front hairline. Pull the hair up at a 90° angle and cut the hair at a 45° angle. Adjust the length according to the finished look you want to achieve.Take another horizontal section from the guideline and do the same on the right side then left.
At this time, use your texturizing shears to create softness to the hair that has been previously cut with your straight shears.This will create a slight disconnection from the side to the top.

How To Do the Color:

Determine he side part with your client that is the side they want to wear with less visible color. On this side start your section approximately 1 ½ to 2 inches from the bottom of the front hairline at the ear.
Take a diagonal slice from the front hairline toward the top back of the head. The length of this section will normally go just past the ear, but keep in mind it should be no longer then about 4 inches to avoid drag at either end. Place lightener here. Skip a section equal to the sliced section you just took. 
Repeat another slice at the same angle working toward the top of the hair and apply lightener. Skip a section again. Repeat another slice at the same angle and apply lightener. This side is complete.
Start the opposite side of the head with the same first section approximately 1 ½ to 2 inches from the bottom of the front hairline at the ear. Slice a section working toward the top back of the head. Apply lightener.
On this side – do NOT leave out a section between. Slice hair again and apply lightener. Repeat with a third slice applying lightener.
On this third sliced section, starting in the middle of the foil, take a sliced parting into the fringe section. This will typically end close to mid-forehead.
Repeat three sliced back-to-back foils, working at the same angle toward the part. Leaving hair out between the foils gives a softer dilution of color, while back-to-back foils create a bolder, more defined look.
Apply base color throughout, remembering to apply between the foils as well. Allow to process for 25-30 minutes.
After the base color and lightener have fully processed and have been removed from the hair, apply your selected VIVIDS colors to the pre-lightened sections.Process for 20 minutes at room temperature.





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