All kinds of educational events were going on this past Sunday at ISSE. The Rusk team shared its 2011 Global Inspiration Collections at the International Fashion Theater, Beth Minardi held one of her classic color classes, and Sue Pemberton presented "Living Color" at the International Talent Theater.

As part of the Rusk presentation they showed how three cities like Tokyo, Barcelona and New York are energizing and exciting the beauty industry through hair. These cities inspired them to create various new innovative cutting techniques. See some of the hair styles below.

ISSE Education with RUSK, Beth Minardi and Sue PembertonThe Beth Minardi class was full of color education. Check out the stats in the slideshow to see a little bit more information behind every look.

ISSE Education with RUSK, Beth Minardi and Sue PembertonNAHA Haircolor winner and five-time NAHA finalist Sue Pemberton is known for her breathtaking, intricate color designs. In her presentation Living Color she took the stage and stripped color placement down to the essentials, making it accessible to stylists at every level.

Sue mentioned in her presentation that she finds inspiration in everything. At the top of her list are art galleries, where she likes to see how artists create texture and mesh color together. Plants and flowers follow next on her list—she especially likes studying bark, light reflection off of water, and prisms. She also recommends to other stylists to go through magazines and create inspiration boards for your work.

Check out these hot color looks from her presentation.