When it comes to the overall look and hair fashions for summer, Rosey Ibarra, owner of Urban Roots Salon in Downey, CA says, “This season, it will be all about exuding effortless hair designs featuring soft beach waves and long loose layers.” To achieve natural, beach waves Ibarra recommends using Enzo Milano’s new styling rod and separating waves and curls by using a very soft wax.

Try using elements of nature to create highlight styles. “By using the
different shapes of seashells we can create multiple shapes for
highlights and lowlights. Think of a seashell as a blueprint. For
example, clam shells have straight narrow lines that widen out like a
fan. Try creating this pattern using splashes of natural hair color
shades,” says Ibarra. Ibarra recommends lightening your client’s hair
with warmer tones this summer. For brunettes, introduce shades from the
sunset with both gold and amber tones. For redheads, use gold tones; yet
try copper instead of cooler red tones. For blondes, stay away from
streaking highlights.

Ibarra also recommends promoting hair smoothing treatment services to
your clients. By recommending Keratin treatments, clients can go on
summer vacations and venture outdoors without worrying about their hair.