Inspired by Nikki from Big Love, (a "good girl gone bad"), Allen Wood for Bumble and bumble designed this beautiful braid for designer Gretchen Jones. "It's a good girl gone bad," he says. "A little Virgin Suicides, a little innocent runaway."

FASHION WEEK: Allen Wood for Bumble and bumble Creates Cool Braid for Gretchen JonesWe got the insider's guide on how to create the look:

1. Prep hair with Tonic followed by Thickening Hairspray.

2. Hand dry with a blowdryer to create lift at roots.

3. Spray White Hair Powder throughout and rough blowdry to create a dry, rough, fuzzy texture.

4. Rake back top section of hair with hands.

5. Gather hair into an organic/loose version of a French braid.

6. Pull the braid for a rough, disheveled look.

7. Tie the ends of the hair with fabric from the designer's collection.