Claudio Lazo, of C The Salon in Studio City, California, has perfected the ponytail. "Though it is able to stand alone for casual and chic looks, its function in creating other styles is tantamount," he says. "Anything from a simple bun, a chignon, to more elaborate twists and updos, the initial action, or ‘basic first step’, is always collecting and sweeping the hair away from the face towards the back, sides or crown and anchoring it there. It's the ponytail."

Claudio says by learning and understanding the ‘classic’, important and basic nature of the ponytail, the stylist is offered the ability to start with this simple step and build upon that to create a masterpiece.  If anchored at the top or crown, the ‘tail’ can be fanned out to cascade down not only the back but the sides as well.  Dual and even triple ponytails, with one slightly higher than other, allows for an overlapped effect.  From there the stylist can curl, braid, tease, twist, tuck and even add  fabrics to interweave through it to create a modern result.  Headbands, pins and even barrettes can be used to accessorize and small tendrils can be pulled to cascade and frame the face.   For more dramatic effects, when parted and anchored in strategic positions around the head, there is no limit to what you can do when creating elaborate updo’s, falls, shilouettes and twists.  It's a basic, a foundation and style on its own. The perfection of the ponytail is a necessary lesson for both new and seasoned stylists.