I am working on my favorite story ever and would love some feedback .  Right now my working title is “As They See Her” but I would love some suggestions from YOU!  Here’s the story:  We delivered the gorgeous model Katarina to five TOP TOP TOP hairdressers.  She  arrived  to each location wearing the same  black cocktail dress, with a clean face and without  accessories.  Her hair was freshly washed and simply and gently brushed  down from a natural parting.  In each case we asked the selected hairdresser to create a design for a big event that night, based on the dress and how he or she perceived the “look.”   The artist was given just one hour to create the finished style, including selecting the perfect finishing touches from a large tray of accessories.  To top it off,  the hairpro  was invited to give direction to make up artist David Maderich to complete the look.  Once finished, we shot Katarina in a variety of locations in and around Manhattan, from Park Avenue to Soho.  It was amazing to see these “pros” at work.  Even our very seasoned NY photo team was impressed.  Right now the story is scheduled to run in our March issue.  Any thoughts on a good title?