Babyliss PRO Launches Volare

By Maggie Mulhern | 07/18/2010 3:26:57 AM


Babyliss PRO Launches The Volare Blow Dryer

What could a Ferrari and a blow dryer possibly have in common? Well Babyliss PRO has introduced Volare, a high performance blowdryer “driven” by an engine developed in collaboration with the Ferrari ChallengeTeam.

To launch the appliance in the United States, the Babyliss team hosted a unique and exciting event at the Ferrari Racetrack in Las Vegas tonight.  Leandro Rizzuto, founder of Conair Corporation, Leandro Rizzuto, Jr., Vice President of the Professional Divisions and Babe Rizzuto, Vice President of Conair Public Relations, invited 125 national market distributors attending Cosmoprof to the track to see, touch and feel the V1 and V2 dryers which make up the Volare Collection.

We were all invited to test drive a REAL Ferrari on the racetrack. Fourteen of us took up the challenge and I decided I just had to check it out. Rudy, my “coach”,  helped strap me in to the $400,000 vehicle and showed no fear as I pressed my lead foot to the gas. I actually got it up to 125 miles per hour and Rudy said I wasn’t the worst driver he had ever worked with. Wow. That is a win for me!

Talk about wins. Apparently this tool is a total win for Babyliss PRO.

In his speech, Leandro made that quite clear. “When we introduced Volare this spring at the Ferrari Headquarters in Maranello, Italy, we expected to sell 10,000.  We sold 55,000.”

"It's quiet, light and powerful," said Lee, Jr. "It is the perfect dryer for the professional."

Vito Carlucci, Director of Engineering for Babyliss PRO, explained why. “Unlike other hair dryer motors, this is an ultra high powered engine that offers maximum airflow, minimum weight, low vibration, superior bearings, improved brush and lamination design and turbo speed performance. The Volare ball bearings have the lubrication sealed inside which eliminates added vibration to provide considerably longer motor life.”

“Once again, Babyliss PRO brings revolutionary ideas and technology to the professional,” said Ken Russo, Group Vice President, Sales.

The Rizzuto family and Babyliss PRO team expect Volare to be just as successful in the United States as it is in Europe. At $199 salon price, they are proud of the high price and high performance. Said Babe as we walked away from the track, “Everything about Volare is first class.”





ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Maggie Mulhern

Maggie Mulhern is the Beauty & Fashion Director at Modern Salon magazine.


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