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Sweet Adaptation

By Ann Mincey | Updated: 11/17/2010 1:48:32 PM
In just six weeks, everything can change—for you and your clients. They may not have the same concerns or even be the same people they were during their last visit. And chances are, you’ve undergone a change, too. Are you ready to adapt to whatever life brings?
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Slow Friending

By Ann Mincey | Updated: 10/13/2010 9:47:37 AM
Speed dating to find a life-long love was paradoxical enough, but now the youngest generation thinks e-mail isn’t fast enough. What gets lost in the velocity is the true connection, which is why slow cooking is reigniting a love relationship with healthy meals, slow breathing calms us and the Slow Movement encourages us to downshift.
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Rags to Riches

By Ann Mincey | Updated: 09/28/2010 11:34:37 AM
When his entire team, with the exception of two people, walked out of the RED Salon in Birmingham, Michigan, Scott Fortner did not crumble, fade into the woodwork or bail. Instead, he found the strength and courage to recapture his confidence, build a new team, see his business thrive and invest in the future.
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Child's Play

By Ann Mincey | Updated: 09/01/2010 1:00:00 PM
For the past week I’ve been with my family in Atlanta: two nieces and their husbands along with their children aged five, four and one. Having never birthed a child, I have zero “mothering” genes, and since I live in an adult business world, I rarely have the opportunity to be in the pure presence of a child. It was bound to be an awakening experience—especially since it lasted for nine days! That’s how long we were together, splitting time between their two homes and navigating their different lifestyles, schedules and parenting rules.
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How I Spent My Summer Vacation

By Ann Mincey | Updated: 08/09/2010 10:00:00 AM
Every fall, back-to-elementary-school meant having to stand and deliver: “What I did on my summer vacation.” Well, that’s what I decided to do in this week’s blog!
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Cosmoprof: A Beautiful Week

By Ann Mincey | Updated: 07/22/2010 3:27:14 PM
If it’s Tuesday it must be over ... Beauty Week in Las Vegas at Cosmoprof/PBA/NCA, that is. Well it is Tuesday, and I’m on a plane back home, along with legends Sam Brocato and David Raccuglia, as well as a team of professional salon distributors. Their presence reminds me that colleagues are one family, relatives are another, and there is commonality in what you do for both. Like being prepared for what they give and take, making time for them, learning from them and appreciating them. Nothing brought this home like Beauty Week, which underscored that much of connecting with any family is about shared experiences.
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