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By Anthony Lombardi | 04/20/2010 5:27:47 PM


During my time at the Gatsby and even as I still am there taking clients, I've learned a lot of different things that I can take back to my Salon. I learned that every shop no matter how big or small one employee or 40 big client base or small, people look up to the owner and manager and want them to lead. How we do that is what defines us. Is it found in a textbook? No. Did I find it in the Gatsby? No. What I did find is that the answer to leadership is found in us.

Even though I went from the leader in my salon to an employee at the Gatsby I found that the burning desire to lead and be out in front burned even brighter. Yes it was nice in the beginning to watch Gayle and Christy deal with all the drama. But what you will also see is me doing what I do which is helping the younger stylists. It made me want to get back to Anthony Robert Salon and strive to get my staff to reach an even higher level of service. I'm at my best when all the stress of running a salon is on me. And I felt as an employee at the Gatsby I missed the stress. Now that I've reopened and am back it feels so good to deal with all the stress again. So yes, there are times I want to run away I know I won't and I know now that I need it in my life. Taking a step back at the Gatsby let me take a look at myself and answer some questions about myself.

I learned that I love what I do no matter how tough it seems at times and am grateful for the chance to be doing it...

Anthony Lombardi
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mid-west  |  June, 18, 2012 at 03:05 AM

I wish Tracy & Olivia would quit the Gatsby, because they have came up with all the good Ideas, which have put the Gatsby on the map! If they were to quit, Gayle would get on her knees & beg them to come back! Oh wait thats how she prob got the $$$ to ever open up a salon in the first place! It would serve the old fire crotch right for being such a B****!!!

ny  |  June, 25, 2012 at 03:59 PM

Looooooove u for this post soooo truuueee I dislike GAYLE sooooo much !!

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