Make-up took center stage at the Golden Globe Awards Sunday evening. As we beauty pros know, you can dress a star in the finest finery, but if your face isn’t beat, you may as well stay home.

Tops on my powder and puff award list is Natalie Portman – her elegant pink lips, strong brows and classic French twist echoed style icon Audrey Hepburn. Bravo Natalie. Her Black Swan co-star Mila Kunis also shined in glossy pink lips and miles of faux eyelashes.

January Jones of Mad Men bucked the nude lip trend and stood out in retro red lips. Paired with heavily mascaraed lashes, she looked smashing on the red carpet.

Julianne Moore, resplendent in a Lanvin one shoulder gown, seemed to glow from within with the help of luminescent powders and lip-gloss.

Anne Hathaway scored points for her clean natural look that was perfect for her strong features – loved her rosy matte lips that matched her dress.

Blue Valentine star Michelle William’s coral lip-gloss was a perfect compliment to her soft feminine beauty and new short haircut. Perfection.

I wasn’t overjoyed by Angelina Jolie’s Green Hornet Versace green dress, but her make-up was splendid – thick eyeliner enhanced her cat like eyes and nude lips played down her oversized pucker.

Now for the golden globe gals that didn’t get it right.

My biggest disappointment of the evening was Jennifer Lopez. Her Cleopatra lined eyes made her peepers appear squinty and old – although J Lo does get points for the best eyebrows of the night.

The beige nude lip trend worn by Halle Barry, Sandra Bullock and Eva Longoria wasn’t pretty. Perhaps it looked good in the mirror, but under flash photography, it made them look washed out – try adding some pink to that nude lip, girls. And although I adore Tilda Swinton and her Jill Sander ensemble, she needed a touch more make-up. I mean, come on Tilda, blush and concealer are not dirty words.

Save me a seat for the Academy Awards.

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