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Finding Inspiration

By Faatemah Ampey | Updated: 09/14/2010 1:54:45 PM
The sweetest symphony is the one that lives inside of every one of us. It has different rhythms, tempos and crescendos that compel us to express ourselves through art, fashion and photography. I had the great privilege of sharing my symphony at NAHA this year.
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Living the Dream

By Faatemah Ampey | Updated: 07/14/2010 11:22:32 AM
This year has been an amazing one for me. If being selected as a contestant on Shear Genius 3 wasn't enough, I've got a lot more to look forward to. I am honored to be nominated for Editorial Stylist of the Year NAHA! I will also be the opening of this year's star-studded event with a runway show!
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Shear Genius Scoop: Bittersweet Ending

By Faatemah Ampey | Updated: 04/12/2010 9:59:48 AM
The next Shear Genius is ... Brig Van Osten! This season has presented more twists and turns than a Rubik’s cube.
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Shear Genius Scoop: Rockin' and Rollin'

By Faatemah Ampey | Updated: 04/02/2010 10:38:57 AM
As a brown girl, I can say we are very particular about our hair and especially our curly edges! Camilla proves to be the toughest client yet throughout his competition. With only 45 minutes on the clock, contestants are to style her hair for a red-carpet event. Camilla's texture not only makes this difficult but her constant interrogation of the stylists seem to make them nervous. Jon burns her, Brig gives her a style suited for an adolescent and Matthew and Janine nail it. Matthew wins this challenge.
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Deja Vu

By Faatemah Ampey | Updated: 03/30/2010 2:09:28 PM
The last episode of Shear Genius 3 left me dazed and confused. With four contestants left ... a crazy twist. No one was eliminated. Instead of recapping episodes you should be watching, this week, I wanted to do something different. I'd like to share some behind the scenes fun. The entire cast had nicknames courtesy of Jon and myself.
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Faatemah's Shear Genius Scoop: Curl up and Dye

By Faatemah Ampey | Updated: 03/22/2010 3:29:20 PM
This week, stylists were put to the test with an African American clientele. I strongly feel that every stylist should challenge themselves to be able to service every client regardless of their ethnicity. Hair is not a race–it is fabric so deal with it accordingly. As stylists we are hair tailors.
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