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Shear Genius: The Super Six

By Faatemah Ampey | Updated: 03/09/2010 10:30:56 AM
This week's episode of Shear Genius 3 was not the most exciting for me. The highlight for me was the sexy accent of guest judge Moulay Yacboui. For the shortcut challenge contestants were asked to dry cut curly hair into a graduated bob.
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Shear Genius Scoop: Faatemah's Predictions

By Faatemah Ampey | Updated: 02/26/2010 8:56:09 AM
This week on Shear Genius ... Short cut challenge: Contestants had to do hair styles inspired by flowers. I thought this was a refreshing change from the food challenge. This challenge is relevant and will give the cast an opportunity to showcase their talents.
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Shear Genius Scoop: Faatemah's Dramatic Exit!

By Faatemah Ampey | Updated: 02/18/2010 1:23:17 PM
Faatemah Ampey may have exited Shear Genius this week, but she's going out in style! Don't worry, she'll continue to give MODERN the inside scoop on what's happening behind the scenes on the show!
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Shear Genius Scoop: Giacomo is Guantanamo!

By Faatemah Ampey | Updated: 02/12/2010 10:44:38 AM
Check out Shear Genius contestant Faatemah Ampey's inside scoop on episode two!
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Faatemah's Shear Genius Scoop, Part 1

By Faatemah Ampey | Updated: 02/04/2010 8:35:11 PM
Shear Genius contestant Faatemah Ampey gives MODERN the inside scoop on this season's first episode!
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