You’ve heard it before, size DOES matter… particularly for social media success! 

Optimizing your photos to the correct size for each platform gives your brand a professional appearance and makes your images more visually appealing to the ‘double tappers’ of the world.

Earlier this week, we chatted sizing for Facebook images on your page and in your newsfeed. Now it’s time to go over my- and any photography-obsessed social media user’s – InstaFavorite tool.

Sizing Up Instagram

Instagram is a platform primarily revolving around images, which is why it is extremely important to ensure your images are correctly sized. No need to worry about the header image though! Instagram automatically creates a header that incorporates photos that you posted on your page. You do, however, have to worry about the sizing of each individual photo you post. Don’t fret; every image is square-sized - no brainpower needed.  

Tip: Remember that although you post your image at 640 x 640 pixels, Instagram will scale the images down to 612 x 612 and they will appear in the Insta feed at 510 x 510 pixels.

 Happy sizing! Stay tuned – I’ll be giving you the ‘deets’ on Twitter next.  

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