If a picture is worth a thousand words, what’s the going rate for a collage? 

In our industry of intense color, crazy texture, and sky-high volume, there’s no question that when it comes to social media, visuals rule the runway. Is there any better way to describe a raven red microcrimp or a chic new nail design besides snapping a pic and letting the style speak for itself? I say no. And this is just the start of why images are key to your salon’s social engagement.

From a logistics standpoint, first there were both Pinterest and Instagram solely devoted to sharing the newest and fiercest styles. Now, both Facebook and Twitter have joined the style trend and redesigned their platforms to make images their number one posts. Images are made to grab your client’s attention – resulting in more shares, emotional reactions, and information spreading than mere text can ever hope to gain. AKA: Get snapping, people! 

But what sort of images should you capture? Don’t get your hair in a knot. With this Social Media Photo Countdown, your salon is sure to blastoff into superstar visibility in no time.


8. The Product Shot

  • You have something you're selling, whether it’s nail polish, hairspray, or a special style. Don’t talk about it – show it off!  What do you have to offer that they should want, and why is it cool?


7. The Team Picture

  • How many team photos from high school do you have sitting in boxes in your basement? My guess is a ton, and they’re there for a reason. You want to remember those people that you worked hard with, and the moments that mattered. It doesn’t have to be formal and stiff. Snap a pick of your fellow stylist and brag about the awesome team that makes you salon rock!


6. The Fan Spotlight

  • We all like attention. Plus, isn’t beauty all about getting the attention that we deserve? Place your clients in the hot spot and show them why you love them! Share their photos, retweet their tweets, and don’t forget to tag them. Give your dedicated clients their 15 minutes of fame.  


5. The #BTS (Behind the Scenes) Sneak Peak

  • Who doesn’t want to be “in the know”? I sure do! Show your clients what others can’t see – the behind the scenes and nitty gritty of your salon. Big reveals, backstage shots, process photos…you name it, they’ll love it.


4. The Action Shot

  • You do what you do best when no one’s watching. Capture your stylists in action, and both you and others will see their true potential shine.



3. The Graphic

  • Create your own visuals. They’re unique, bold and can hold data, words, and photos all in one! Graphics give the eye a rest from all the killer styles and #BTS shots you’ve got up your sleeve and makes them stop to actually absorb the information.



2. The Collage

  • Here it is, the jackpot of the photo world. Can you share your salon’s story in four photos fitted together? Try it, I dare you.


1. The Selfie

  • If Ellen DeGeneres does it, there’s nothing to be ashamed of, right? Ellen’s the queen of creating a personal connection with her audience. We all crave attention, so show your clients that you’re “just like them”!


BLASTOFF! Snap, caption, post. Social visibility, we’re here.


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