Wait, HOW big should my cover image be? What about my profile pic? How big are Instagram images? Help!

These are questions I receive during most of my social media trainings – and so I decided to make an easy visual, for all of you!

The Sizing Guide to Social Media Success

Here’s the lowdown, we all know that when it comes to your online brand, imagery is everything…especially in our industry. No matter what you tweet, post or pin, nothing is quite as effective at portraying a brand’s personality as a well-crafted graphic or image.

Our quick-take infographics will walk you through the many different social platforms’ dimension guidelines needed to ensure you’re up-to-date and formatting correctly.

Let’s start today, with Facebook (Don’t worry, we’ll make a post for Twitter and Instagram as well!). Because Facebook is the largest social network, it is important to pay attention to who exactly you are trying to target. What I mean by that is: Do you want to size your image based on how people will see it in your brand’s Facebook timeline or how they will see it in their own newsfeed? This is a very important question to consider when sizing your imagery for Facebook as the two sizes are different.

- A image post on your Facebook page timeline should be uploaded at 504px x 504px to fill the entire space

- To optimize that image in your fan's newsfeed, size your image to 470px x 394px

- To customize the image that appears on a link you share, create your images to be 470px x 246

- Tip: Remember that although you should upload your profile picture as 180 x 180, it will shrink down in size to 160 x 160 on your profile.

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