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How Do I Love My Wife...Let Me Count the Ways I Have Messed Up Her Hair

By Patrick McIvor | Updated: 08/25/2011 3:58:00 PM
As many of you probably know, I have been with my wife for a long time - 20 years together, 15 years married this month, and that is a great thing.
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Partying OutSide My Box- Part 2

By Patrick McIvor | Updated: 08/04/2011 2:44:37 PM
So tape, pasties, an ice cream scoop and a candle, while actually being very professional - LOL (really). Here's how it happened, queue the dream sequence.
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Partying OutSide My Box- Part 1

By Patrick McIvor | Updated: 08/03/2011 2:37:10 PM
I have been lucky to have had so many of opportunities in my life. Some are unique experiences, some help me grow exponentially, some teach me and some challenge me, but all make my life better by letting me learn.
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Patrick McIvor's Book Review

By Patrick McIvor | Updated: 06/29/2011 9:30:42 AM
Sometimes you read something that crystallizes your thoughts in ways your own words can’t. I recently reread and finished Dr. Lew and Colin Walsh's book "ON" which is an inspirational series of ideas and insights that allow us to look at ourselves and have a better life. Read more of Patrick McIvor's blog now!
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Spreading the Love

By Patrick McIvor | Updated: 06/10/2011 12:45:00 PM
Last year, Matrix created a unique opportunity for six recent beauty school graduates with the Spread the Love campaign. Two hundred beauty school students and recent graduates applied. The final six would travel in pairs throughout the United States meeting salon professionals and finding out what we as hairdressers do. Read McIvor's blog and his stance on Matrix's "Spreading the Love."
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Color America Whirlwind Experience

By Patrick McIvor | Updated: 05/31/2011 10:11:00 AM
Color America in the Company of Patrick McIvor–NYC, featuring David Adams, Adrienne Rogers, Rodney Cutler and myself, was AMAZING. Attendees were treated to an amazingly special experience and I got to try out some new trick with my iPad. Most stylists just see the end product of a show, so I thought I would give an inside peek at the whirlwind of preparation that goes into prepping for a show.
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