Innovative braided styles have been popping up on the red carpet for years--and just when you think the trend is on its way out, starlets and their stylists find new ways to keep the classic look modern and perfectly enviable. Here are a few recent braided styles we've spotted on celebs that could inspire you when creating fresh and flirty looks for your clients this summer.


Braid Beat: 4 Celeb Variations on the Still-Hot Summer Hairstyle

Naya Rivera

Stylist Clyde Haygood created this "braids for days" style, as Naya calls it, with three French braids--one on each side and one down the middle--that end in a high ponytail and volume throughout the hair. Haygood called it an "easy, Bardot-esque" look and even compared it to a "Hispanic Barbie" style. Love this style for summer-hungry clients who need some inspiration from their stylist on a DIY beach look!

Stylist tip: Haygood knows all about sexy, beachy looks. Check out his how-to for the summer-friendly waves he created on Georgia May Jagger.


Braid Beat: 4 Celeb Variations on the Still-Hot Summer Hairstyle

Nicole Kidman

Another day, another stunning style from Nicole Kidman on the Cannes red carpet. It'd be an understatement to say that braids were trending at Cannes, but it could be considered an injustice to say Nicole's several braided styles, including this delightfully twisted one, weren't the stars of the show.

Stylist tip: Introduce the idea of a complex braided style like this one to a special occasion client looking for a bit of a sophisticated edge for the big night. Check out these braided updos for more inspirational styles, similar to Nicole's.


Braid Beat: 4 Celeb Variations on the Still-Hot Summer Hairstyle

Vanessa Hudgens

Don't forget about extensions! What better accessory to use for summer when crafting the perfect braided look? Vanessa visited the HairUWear Extension Bar at Nine Zero One Salon in Hollywood this month, flirting with some wild and edgy colored extensions to match her copper-toned locks.

Stylist tip: If the fuschia pink in Vanessa's hair is what caught your eye, read up on how to achieve a pastel version of Vanessa's color in this Pravana Vivids how-to from Brig Van Osten.


Braid Beat: 4 Celeb Variations on the Still-Hot Summer Hairstyle

Cheryl Cole

We love a style that also manages to let complex color show through. Cheryl's elegant and loosely tucked braided 'do with a double ponytail complements her low-back gown and helps her work the red carpet from all angles at Cannes.

Stylist tip: Stylist and Wella Trend Aficionado Claudio Lazo told MODERN braids would be huge this season and encourages stylists to experiment with slightly mussed, bohemian styles, similar to Cheryl's. Get more tips from Lazo here.