MODERN editors, Facebook fans and readers were busy analyzing red-carpet
styles on Oscar night in late February. As usual, there was lots of
glam and a few major standouts. Here are a few of the Oscar hits and
misses. And for next year’s red carpet, we want to know what it’s going
to take for reporters to start asking the stars, “Who did your hair?”

Anne’s Big Night

From dresses to tresses, Anne
Hathaway switched it up every
time she presented with co-host
James Franco at the 83rd annual
Academy Awards. From her initial
red carpet loose bun, to a high ponytail
to a wavy style, every look
captured the feel of true Oscar
Hollywood glamour. Between seven
different styles, celebrity stylist
Adir Abergel was kept very busy
that night transforming her hair between
presentations. Here’s the inspiration
and the steps behind two
of the looks.

The Ponytail

INSPIRATION: A sleek, yet flirty 1960s high ponytail
to add a feminine feel to her Lanvin tux.
Academy Awards Hit and Misses

1. Backcomb the perimeter of the hairline; lock
in the style with hair spray.

2. Next, pull hair into a ponytail at the crown
and secure with an elastic band.

3. Use the FHI Heat Kore 1-inch Curling Iron at
the ends to create movement and bounce.

4. For added shine, apply a gloss product.

5. Finish the look by wrapping a piece of hair
(from underneath) around the base creating
a sleek style.

Bun and Braid

INSPIRATION: The modern Grace
Kelly—a high bun with a gorgeous
thick braid—beautiful and refined.
Academy Awards Hit and Misses


1. Start by creating a ponytail at the
crown and secure.

2. Next, twist the hair into a high bun
and pin in place.

3. Apply straightening balm; then use
the FHI Heat EPS 1-inch flatiron to
get the hair extremely smooth.

4. Braid the hair.

5. Finish by wrapping the braided hair
around the bun, pin in place and mist
with spray to hold.

Red Lips for the Red Carpet

According to David Maderich, MODERN’s make-up artist and blog
contributor, it was all about classic beauty at the 2011 Oscars. Red
lips, arched eyebrows and lined eyes took center stage. Here
are some of his observations from the big night:

Academy Awards Hit and Misses

“Sandra Bullock was class personified as she entered the Kodak
Theater in a classic updo, defined brows—and of course, red lips.
She added rosy cheeks to make the look her own. Definitely one of
my favorite faces of the evening.”

Academy Awards Hit and Misses

“I usually don’t recommend red lips on darked-skinned
women, but newly thin Jennifer Hudson
proved me wrong. She rocked a red gown and
matching red lips. Bravo for teaching an old dog like
me a new trick, Miss Dream Girl.”

Academy Awards Hit and Misses
“My ‘worst look of the night’ award goes to Sharon
. Way too much eyeliner paired with red lips
and a hideous beehive made her a ‘definite don’t.’
Sharon will always be a star in my book, but this year
she did not shine.”

Facebookers Tell All!

Each year celebrities show up to the Oscars dressed to the hilt in designer gowns, accompanied
by either a glamorous (or hideous) hair style. To find out what MODERN readers
proclaimed as the best and worst, we held a live chat on
the night of the Oscars to see who sparked your fancy (and who didn’t).

Several of MODERN’S readers declared MILA KUNIS,
who presented an award, as the overall best look
of the night. From her lacy lavender dress to her
polished hair and make-up, everything about her look
was enchanting. Here’s what you had to say:
Academy Awards Hit and Misses

Lil Miss Couture Children’s Boutique “Very chic
from head to toe—love the color of her dress!”

Keylee Lederer “Lovvveee it! Stunnning.”

Maria T Esparolini “Amazing dress and the color was
so soft and beautiful. Like her whole look, it flowed.”

high ponytail drew comparisons
to I Dream of Jeannie and Barbie,
but MODERN readers were split on
whether that was a good thing or not.
Academy Awards Hit and Misses
Christina Holt
“She looks like a Barbie
Doll from the ’60s with the hair and
dress … I think I like it (not too sure). Her
make-up looks pretty though!”

Mary Dirks “I love it! She looks
like Barbie!

Andrea Harrison “Yeah, I can’t decide
if it’s hot ... or not.”

Plenty of MODERN’S readers also gave
the nod to Oscar-winner NATALIE
PORTMAN’s look, as she glowed in
her plum dress and simple side swept
’do—and they particularly loved her
acceptance speech!
Academy Awards Hit and Misses

Bradley C Dixon “It was nice to hear
Natalie Portman thank her hairdresser last
night. For the life of me I can’t understand
why hair or who did it is not recognized …
as we all know beauty starts at the top!”

AMY ADAMS’ blue sequined dress made the grade, but her hair, make-up and/or jewelry ruined the
final effect. According to MODERN Facebook fans:
Academy Awards Hit and Misses

Will Turpin “The hair does not work with this dress. The necklace should have been left out.”

Jill Andrea Thomason “Love the hair, love the dress, but the necklace looks out of place.”

Sandy LeClear “I thought she looked shabby, bad eye shadow too.”

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