Amy Adams’ gorgeous red is a hot commodity. For clients are who want to achieve Adams’
shade, how you go about your service depends first on your client’s current hue. Aura, Wella
Professionals Color Ambassador gives us a formula based on a Level-7 natural dark blonde.

Try it: “If you notice your client’s root is a much cooler tone than the rest of her hair, then to achieve the
most natural, seamless look I would use Koleston Perfect and Magma,” says Aura. “My Koleston Perfect formula
1 oz and ½ 8/34 ½ oz. 8/74 with equal 30-volume peroxide. For the Magma, use mostly /39 and a sprinkle of
/34 + 30 volume.” Next Aura would alternate painting the two colors, starting with the Koleston Perfect. “Each
painted piece would be veined, meaning the product is very light toward the root, so it can be a little cooler
toward the root,” she says. “After it’s processed, for 30-35 minutes I would gloss at the sink with Color Touch
8/43=10/3 with double 1.9% developer.”

Celebrity Style: Amy Adams

Celebrity Style: Amy Adams
Amy Adams. (Steve Granitz/WireImage)