Helena Bonham Carter’s hair is styled for display with
a silhouette that enhances her high cheek bones and strong jaw
line. Her extreme sexy-messy style—a kind of controlled chaos—
is accessorized with extensions.

“This is a fabulous look exaggerating her exotic image,” says
Jonathan Torch, owner and founder of Curly Hair Solutions
and The Curly Hair Institute. “It creates an
illusion of thick hair, as her natural hair is quite fine in texture.”

Try it: “After hair has been dried as curly as possible,
slowly back brush with fingers, being careful not to break up
the curl formation,” says Torch. “Such styling is perfect for
Tweek, a hair spray in a cream form aiding style support at the
root area while movement creates volume.

“Blending natural hair with extensions needs a styling
product that is flexible,” says Torch. “Hair needs to be touchable,
but the style must last all day and night and Tweek is
perfect for this.”

Celebrity Style: Helena Bonham Carter

Celebrity Style: Helena Bonham Carter
Helena Bonham Carter. (Ferdaus Shamim/WireImage)