ChristiaanHis Work:

For more than 40 years,
Christiaan has been one of the world’s leading editorial hair stylists,
working with fashion designers and celebrities to create iconic,
memorable looks that appeared on the covers and within the pages of
almost every fashion publication. His styles have appeared on thousands
of runways and his editorial and advertising work showcases a unique,
independent creativity, which “I liken onto that of a painter or
writer,” says Christiaan.

Why He’s Influential: Christiaan
has styled many famous heads throughout his career, from 1980s pop
divas Debbie Harry (Blondie) and Grace Jones—who owed their respective
blonde tresses and dramatic flat-top to him—to celebrities like David
and Victoria Beckham and Madonna. The buzz cut, hair wrapping (with
fabric) and the chopped, asymmetrical bob created for a Calvin Klein
show are milestones in his career as a risk-taking session artist. A
“lucky fluke,” he says, took him from his father’s barbershop in a tiny
Dutch village to editorial stardom. “I’ve always been more into the
‘doing’ than the result,” he says, “but I’ve usually been thrilled with
the result.”

Who Influences Him: In a career of collaboration
with top fashion, photography and make-up talents, Christiaan names
designers Stephen Sprouse and Comme des Garcons Founder Rei Kawakubo as
the most pivotal to his work and creativity.