Jamie CarrollHis Work:

Jamie Carroll began shearing
sheep in his native Australian outback—convincing him he wanted work
with his hands. He entered hairdressing through his early career as a
photographer and “never looked back,” he says. In addition to being a
leading global hairdressing talent, Carroll has developed a series of
educational systems as well as a complete salon business system, both
earning him a Global Salon Business Award.

Why He’s Influential:
Carroll pioneered online education with G-learning, an interactive
multiple learning format applicable to any industry. He created
Envisionacademy and Continuouseducation and a series of educational
seminars that he presents to hairdressers around the world. As official
hairstylist for Australia Week, Carroll created looks for celebrities
including Olivia Newton-John, Hugh Jackman, Nicole Kidman and Keith

Who Influences Him: Carroll’s greatest source of
inspiration comes from the work and the words of Vidal Sassoon. “I was
at Vidal’s house photographing his hands for an ‘inspirational hands’
story and he said if he were to give advice to anyone starting in the
industry, it would be ‘education, education, education.’ That statement
provided all the motivation I needed to continue with my journey in
education,” says Carroll.