Luis AlvarezHis Work:

Stylist, platform artist,
educator, product manufacturer and photographer are just a few of the
talents that have made Luis Alvarez one of the most influential
hairdressers today. In addition to his extraordinary work as an
innovative stylist, Luis Alvarez designs professional hair care
products as co-founder of Aquage. He is proud of both his educational
systems that maximize a product’s performance and in creating the
images that inspire other professionals to use the products. Now a
sought-after beauty and fashion photographer, Alvarez’s work has
appeared on many covers, including MODERN’s own March 2008 issue.

Why He’s Influential: “Because everything that I learn I pass on to others.”

Who Influences Him:
“Image makers who are capable of capturing the sublime, while
simultaneously exposing the human soul. Richard Avedon will always be
at the top of my list.”