Personal Style: Chaz DeanThe owner of Chaz Dean Studio and creator of WEN products, is passionate about his shampoo-free cleanser that promises to clean without any harshness.


My hair right now:

Faux-hawk shag—1980s rock
and roll influenced by David
Bowie and Duran Duran.

The celeb I would
most like to
Jessica Alba.
I’d like to see her with
deeper, richer tones that
are more flattering to her

My favorite tool: My
Super Solano hair dryer.

The best thing about
my job is:
I have the
opportunity to make people
look beautiful.

The best job I ever had as a
my salon as a working
stylist and launching my
product line WEN.

My secret weapon:
Turning negative occasions
into something positive.

If I hadn’t become a
hairdresser I would
Been a fashion designer.

My perfect day
Hiking, yoga,
pilates, swimming, playing
with the puppies and
working on my product line.

Most people would
be surprised to
learn that:
I shoot all
my own artwork for the
WEN products and models
for my brochures.

My secret talent: I can
take anything simple from
my refrigerator and pantry
and cook a gourmet meal.

I became a
I started off as a
photographer, and saw that
the key elements—make-up
and hair—did not always
complement each other, so
it naturally encouraged me
to take the next step and
learn how to do hair, which
is where I found my true calling.