Personal Style: Juan Carlos MaciquesJuan Carlos was born in Cuba and raised in Miami, but currently calls the Rita Hazan salon in New York City home.

My hair right now:

Classic crop for ease, yet stylish.

The coolest look I
ever created:
A very
eccentric and intricate updo
for a friend’s birthday. She
looked like an exaggerated
combination of My Fair Lady
and Dangerous Liaisons.

The celeb I would most
like to makeover:
All the
celebrities that I love don’t need
makeovers. I would love to work
on either Cate Blanchett, Kate
Winslet or Marion Cotillard.

My favorite tool and/
or product:
My Mason
Pearson brush and the Barex
Volumizante spray.

The best thing about
my job:
I love doing it.
Expressing my creativity, being
able to give instant gratification,
and making a living at it.

The toughest part
of my job:
people management skills and
practicing patience.

My motto: Find your
passion, be determined and
diligent, and you will succeed.
The meaning of success is up for

The best job I
ever had as a
with Jennifer Lopez.

If I hadn’t become a
hairdresser I would
Loved to have been a

My secret talent:

My mentor: I have
collaborated with many
hairdressers and learned a lot
from them, but I always think
of Oribe and his work as my
biggest influence.

I am inspired by:
Fashion. Watching backstage
footage of the shows and by
the extravagance of the fashion